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What are your hours?

We are open 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sunday. 


How much is bathing?

Pricing is based on the size, breed and service for your dog.

Small dog Bath and Brush Outs start at $49 and up.

Large dog Bath and Brush Outs start at $70 and up.

Extra charges will be applied for fleas and ticks and extra handling for dogs that put themselves or our bathers at risk for injury.


How much is boarding and what’s included?

Pricing is based on our Suite sizes and includes a half day of daycare on the day of check in, daycare in between, and the morning care on the day of check out. Feeding and medicating is also included.

Check in is 2pm or later; check out is 10am.

Any check ins before 2pm are only charged the difference of the half to full daycare fee, $9. Any check outs after 10am are a half day charge until 3pm or a full day charge after 3pm.

Studio (25 pounds and under): $51

Junior Suite: $59

Master Suite: $67


What is required for my dog to come to daycare and boarding?

  1. We need to have proof of current vaccines for Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP on file. We require these vaccines to keep our facility clean and healthy for our other guests coming to stay with us. We do not accept self-administered vaccines!! 

  2. All dogs over 9 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

  3. All dogs must pass a temperament evaluation with our staff and an evaluation dog to make sure prospective dogs are socially fit for our program without feeling too anxious or stressed out and that it’s a good fit for everyone involved. We typically spend 10-30 minutes with prospective dogs to get the best feel for how the dog will do in our care. In some situations, we will ask the pet parent to leave their dog with us longer so we can get a better idea of the dog’s temperament while the pet parent is away. If 6 months has lapsed since your last stay, a re-evaluation is required before returning to daycare or boarding.


What is required for my dog to come for bathing?

We need the same vaccines on file regardless of the service-Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP must always be current to keep our facility clean and healthy. We do not accept self-administered vaccines!! 


What can I bring to daycare and boarding stays?

You are welcome to bring a blanket or T-shirt for your dog to be cozy on during nap time/bed time. (We provide beds!) Meals need to be individually pre-packaged in bags or containers to make sure it comes the right way directly from home. We can microwave, refrigerate or freeze meals if needed. Please leave bowls and toys/chewing bones at home. We do not offer personal toys in the playroom to avoid problems with other dogs and we do not give them in kennels while unsupervised.


Does my dog play in daycare all day?

Our daycare program consists of a playtime and rest time rotation to give the dogs a physical and mental break and avoid overwhelm. Play groups are strategically chosen by our Pack Members to put like-dogs together, whether that be size and/or temperament and energy levels. Your dog will rotate typically on an hourly basis to play time and rest time.

Where does my dog go potty?

We bring the outdoors in for our guests! We bring in grass weekly (or more often if necessary) to help keep your dog used to going potty in a natural place. 

My dog can't get vaccines due to allergies, can I still come?

We are unable to provide services for any dogs without the Rabies vaccine due to California/Animal Control law unless you get a waiver from the County of Riverside vet, Dr. Drusys. This is the only vet in Riverside County that we can legally accept a note from. You can reach the office of Dr. Drusys at 951-358-7545.

If your dog has reactions to DHPP or Bordetella, we can accept a waiver from your dog's personal vet.

What is a self-administered vaccine and why is it not accepted?

A self-administered vaccine is a vaccine for DHPP and Bordetella purchased from Tractor Supply Co. or other livestock-type store and administered at home by the pet parent. We require proof of vaccines administered by a vet with the formal paperwork provided to us. We apologize for the inconvenience, but for the health and safety of your dog(s) and the others in our care, we do not accept these vaccines for the following reasons:

  1. If the vial is not stored correctly with the retailer, it can be compromised

  2. If the vial is stored or transported at the wrong temperature, it may not be effective

  3. There is no proof that the vaccine was administered to the dog even upon showing proof of purchase

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