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Our Story

Our inspiration for Canyon Canines came from our adopted kids, Moto, Milly and Monster; three abandoned puppy hearts who needed a home just when we happened to have some extra space. Like tons of pet parents out there, we just want the best care for them when it comes down to a day or night away and they can't come with us. After trying so many daycare and boarding facilities in the places we've lived, we've picked and pulled the things we've liked from each one and left behind the things we don't, in order to create the best customer and dog experience for the very best home away from home! Our background comes from grooming school, continuing education in the pet industry, business management, and the one and only, U.S. Army. 


We can't wait to welcome you and your dog to our little family!

-Christie and Mario Bahena


The Mascot 

Greatly missed since June 2022.


The Fun Police

Greatly missed since December 2022.


Owner, Veteran, Best Dog Dad Ever

I am an Army veteran with a passion for fitness, country music, and working with people and dogs. I enjoy being a nosework handler with my sidekick, Moto. My three rescue kids keep me going strong!



Owner, Trainer, Pet First Aid Instructor, Detection K9 Handler & Groomer


 I was born a dog lover and can't imagine my life without them! From a young age I knew my career would be with dogs. Today, I am a groomer, champion dog trainer, Pet Tech Instructor, bomb dog handler and dog mom to a working dog and the best rescue dog and cat in the world. Our hobbies include trick training and ball chasing.


The Smartypants Athlete


I make friends with everyone and I know more tricks than a magician. I am a retired agility champion with 17 titles plus I'm a Trick Dog Champion!

Brittany bio.png

Manager-4.5 years with Canyon Canines


I have been with Canyon Canines since opening in 2019. Every day I am so excited to come in to work with all sorts of amazing dogs and dog lovers! I love the opportunity to learn more about pet care and grow our team’s skills. 

My pup Maggie loves exploring and napping equally. She is always ready to check out a new trail, visit the beach, or sneak some treats at a restaurant. 

Tyler bio.png


Pack Member-2 years with Canyon Canines

I enjoy working with your dogs so much, getting to know them is so special to me! I've loved working with animals since forever and enjoy coming into work to see their faces. I can't wait to meet your pup!


Pack Member-2 years with Canyon Canines

I’ve always been fond of animals, and working here continues to feel like a blessing even years later. I particularly love cracking jokes and finding things to laugh at when it comes to just about any situation, safety taking priority of course! Next to me is my dog, Sofia. She’s an English Bulldog and definitely the runt of her litter. We love Canyon Canines and hope you do too!


Pack Member-1.5 years with Canyon Canines

I have always had pets growing up and my love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. In my free time, I spend it with my sweet girl, Kyra. Our hobbies include going to the beach, parks, road trips and spending time with family. 

anne bio.png


Bather-1 year with Canyon Canines

Hello my name is Anne, I am the bather at Canyon Canines.. I am the only deaf person on the team. I love dogs and cats, but cats are number one! I love my job as bather for dogs and the staff is amazing here. :) I love to discuss movies and games and am a fan of the 80s. 


Pack Member-6 months with Canyon Canines

This is me and my best friend Harley, he is a German shepherd/cattle dog mix and although he is an old man now, he’s always so full of energy and will never put the tennis ball down! I have always wanted to work with dogs growing up. I have volunteered at shelters in the past and went to school to become an ABC certified dog trainer! It always makes my day to see so many four-legged friends when I come into work!

analicia bio.png


Pack Member-2 months with Canyon Canines

I'm excited to learn new traits about dogs every day that I come into work. i’ve always loved animals and to be able to work with dogs makes life a lot more enjoyable!

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