Our Story

Our inspiration for Canyon Canines came from our adopted kids, Moto, Milly and Monster; three abandoned puppy hearts who needed a home just when we happened to have some extra space. Like tons of pet parents out there, we just want the best care for them when it comes down to a day or night away and they can't come with us. After trying so many daycare and boarding facilities in the places we've lived, we've picked and pulled the things we've liked from each one and left behind the things we don't, in order to create the best customer and dog experience for the very best home away from home! Our background comes from grooming school, continuing education in the pet industry, business management, and the one and only, U.S. Army. 


We can't wait to welcome you and your dog to our little family!

-Christie and Mario Bahena


The Mascot 

I'm the senior mascot who was given a second chance at life when I was rescued from an abandoned backyard in San Jacinto in 2013. I really love belly rubs, golf cart rides, and going to my Nosework class with my dad.


Owner, Veteran, Best Dog Dad Ever

I am an Army veteran with a passion for fitness, country music, and working with people and dogs. I enjoy being a nosework handler with my sidekick, Moto. My three rescue kids keep me going strong!


Ana, Mimi & Mila_edited.jpg



Ever since I was little I loved animals and knew I wanted to make a career working with them. So that’s how I became a dog groomer. I’ve been grooming for 2 years now. My passion in life now is making dogs look more amazing than ever before.


The Fun Police

I'm the boss and patrol everyone in daycare. If anyone is too rowdy or has more fun than me, I'll bark. I love agility and singing along to sirens that pass by outside and on TV. My favorite tv show is Live PD. I have my Advanced Trick Dog title and 8 agility titles, including a Championship!


Owner, Groomer, Pet First Aid Instructor, Trick & Obedience Trainer


 I was born a dog lover and can't imagine my life without them! From a young age I knew my career would be with dogs. Today, I am a groomer, champion dog trainer, Pet Tech Instructor, and dog mom to the three best rescue dogs in the world. Our hobbies include long golf cart rides, frisbee and ball chasing, and agility.



I’ve always had a passion for animals and working in the animal field! I love everything about what I do from working in daycare, training to become a groomer, and attending school to become an obedience trainer.

Meet my clan! Max the maltipoo mix, and 3 chihuahua mixes Silas, Perdita, and Cow. Cow enjoys coming to work while the other 3 prefer to stay home. We hope to see you and meet your dog(s) soon!


The Smartypants Athlete


I make friends with everyone and I know more tricks than a magician. I am a Champion Trick Dog and have 17 agility titles and a Championship to my official name, CMOB's Monster Under the Bed. 




These are my dogs, Maggie my golden retriever/lab mix and Zoey my senior golden retriever! Maggie and I love to take hikes and we work on her listening skills with distractions while on the trails. Zoey says she is old and doesn’t want to work for her treats anymore. She likes to nap and be close to her people and little sister! Every day I am so excited to come in to work with all sorts of amazing dogs and dog lovers! 


Pack Member

I love animals so much I decided to have my own mini zoo at home featuring my five dogs, and many other furry friends! These are my fur babies Winter, Whiskey, Rocky, Rue, and Kassa. Winter and Whiskey are my German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog mixes (they are also litter mates!). Rocky and Rue are my mystery dogs from the shelter, and Kassa is our chocolate Lab who was returned by her three previous owners for being too crazy. But she fit right in with us! 



Pack Member

I met my first dog best friend when I was 2 and knew then that I would love pups indefinitely. After the sad loss of my fur child, I became a foster to help those babies in need! I am a foster coordinator/foster for ARE Animal Rescue and couldn't imagine a world where dogs didn't exist! Meet my dog crew, Echo (Ibizan Hound mix/foster fail) Octavia (bull terrier) & Emori (Mutt/foster fail). We love park days and walks with my daughters. So without further ado, can I pet your dog please?!


Pack Member


Pack Member


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Pack Member




Groomer in Training