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Our bathers can make your pup feel their best with all the best beauty products and fluffing equipment! We work one-on-one with our dogs by appointment only to make sure their time away from home is kept to a minimum and they aren't spending half their day in a kennel. We do provide kennels for waiting to go home. 

In addition to looking good, we make our guests feel good too! We provide electric raising and lowering bath tubs and tables to take away the heavy lifting or jumping for the big dogs and also lay down orthopedic table PawMats for your dog to stand on while being pampered to avoid tired joints later. 

What We Offer: 

Bath and Brush Out-A full bath in our house shampoo until the dog is (literally!)

"squeaky clean", ear cleaning, gland expression (if needed), nail clipping and/or filing.

Add Ons and A La Carte Services:

Teeth Brushing-For the best smiles, regular brushing is encouraged at home too! Brushing with doggie toothpaste disrupts bacterial cavities in the gums to prevent the growth of bacteria that contributes to periodontal disease.

DeShed Treatment-For the double coated dogs that shed year-round! Our deshedding tools take the loose, dead hair out from underneath the top coat to reduce the hair loss in your home and also prevent matting in the long haired dogs.

We highly recommend deshedding instead of shaving a double coat!! Please ask for more details.

Pedicure-Add some color to your pup's toes with pet safe nail polish.

Sparkle Dust-A temporary sparkly spray to make your dog look like a unicorn. No, you will not see it rub off everywhere!

Brush Out-15 minutes of brushing to keep your dog looking his/her best between appointments! (Coat condition will be assessed upon arrival.)

Rates: Starting at

$49+ for small dog Bath and Brush Out / $70+ for large dog Bath and Brush Out

Self Wash (Vaccines Required!)

Don't need much but a quick bath? Use our fully stocked self wash station to get the job done yourself!

We provide customized shampoos and conditioner for your dog's specific coat type, brushes, towels, and high velocity dryers.

A La Carte services are available to be added on with self wash-nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, color pedicure, anal gland expression, and sparkle dust.

Rate: you choose how much you pay at $1/minute or join us each week on Self Wash Sunday for a flat rate of $14.

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