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Doggie Daycare

Our Daycare program consists of the perfect amount of playtime, fur friends, and nap time! 

We're different than the others! We keep the dogs busy with group activities, brain games, and mingling to keep them worked physically and mentally. We also take the dog's mental health into consideration and use a structured schedule of play-nap-play-nap rotations throughout the day. This is beneficial to the dog's health to limit overstimulation, over exhaustion by playing too hard and not giving themselves breaks, and making sure they get some "me" time out of the crowd.

This is proven to be more beneficial than the standard "play all day" models!

All dogs must pass an evaluation test in order to be accepted into group daycare. We evaluate social dogs and puppies over 4 months of age. We are unable to take any unsocial dogs for the safety of our other fur guests and staff.

Half days are any 5 hours or less during the day.  Full days are over 5 hours anytime from 7am-7pm (or 9am-5pm on Sundays). 

Dogs not picked up by closing will be charged $5 per every 5 minutes. After 30 minutes following closing, any dogs remaining will be boarded overnight and will be charged the nightly rate for the available room.

All dogs over 9 months of age must be spayed or neutered for daycare and boarding. No exceptions.


Half Day-5 hours or less: $29

Full Day-Over 5 hours:     $38

10 Day Packages start at $261 (applies to daycare only, no boarding)


Peanut Butter Kong (given during nap time): $4

Flavor of the Month Kong: $4.50


Overnight Boarding

You can trust that your dog will be comfy and cozy in one of our suites best suited for their size. 

Boarding includes a half day of daycare the day of arrival, overnight care, morning care and playtime the day of departure. 

Check out is 10am. After 10am, a half day is added to your stay. Check in for the included half day on day of arrival is 2pm or later. Early check in before 2pm is $9. Boarders must be checked in no later than 5pm so we can provide dinner and enough playtime for them before bedtime. 

Meals must be prepackaged in individual meal portions to ensure your dog gets the correct amount straight from home. If there is an insufficient amount of food, house food is available for $4 per meal. We serve Purina One dry food.


Small blankets, a T-shirt, or something familiar from home is encouraged for your dog to cozy up to at night in their provided beds. 


     Studio-     $51 (25 pounds and under)     

 Junior Suite-$59

Master Suite-$67


Peanut Butter Kong: $4

Flavor of the Month Kong: $4.50

House Food: $4 per meal

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